Welcome to VINOBEER Deutschland GmbH

Your access point to the French Market.

You have identified France as an interesting sales and procurement market of the future for beers, wines and alcohols? You would like to have a professional access and entry into this market?

Guiding Principle

  • Even though there are cultural differences, France is an interesting sales and procurement market in geographical and logistic proximity with a legal and tax system comparable to other European countries.
  • EMCS is a European standard which enables the exchange of excisable goods on a European level, e.g. between France and Germany, in an agreeable way.
  • We can help you to feel while dealing with France as if you were in your home market in terms of transparent rules of the game.

Our Services for You

Purchasing and Sales

Key suppliers in Germany

  • Privately owned German beverage wholesale companies
  • Affiliated German beverage wholesale companies
  • German, especially Bavarian traditional breweries
  • German, especially Bavarian new craft beer oriented breweries

Customer portfolio in France

  • Wholesalers with own branch network
  • Wholesalers with a big customer network composed of gastronomy, event companies and associations
  • Purchasing cooperatives with national French coverage

Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

  • Customs management
  • Relationship management to wholesalers and breweries
  • Empties management
  • Intercultural competence – focus French – German
  • Liquidity management
  • Vast beer and wine portfolio

Logistics concept

  • German-French- German transports are managed directly by our customers by 95%
  • Sporadic logistic management in case of necessity with own partners
  • Own tax-exempt storage depot for excisable goods

Additional Services

  • Expansion management in Germany for industry related franchise systems
  • Concept development as adaptation to the German market needs
  • Beer development according to customer requirements
  • Purchasing of brewing equipments
  • Purchasing of filling systems
  • Securities management for French customers towards German breweries


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Vinobeer Deutschland GmbH

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